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Found out today that my ex is in jail for Domestic Violence!! Apparently he got drunk, got angry at his new girlfriend for something and lost it. He tore up her house and yes it is her house because he was homeless when he started dating her and then moved in with her. He broke a sliding glass door...wrecked furniture. I swear I am so glad it wasn't me having to go through that again but I admit I do feel bad for her. I hope she is smarter than me and moves on NOW!!!! Don't believe his lies he will blame the alcohol he will say baby I am soooo sorry I realize I messed up and it will never happen again. LIES!!! LIES!!! at the rate he is going you may not survive the next episode!! I apparently was the lucky one. The first girl he dated after me he sent to the hospital and now this. When we were together he at least kept his crazy destructive force localized to one room. But the whole house...OMG I am definitely going to pray for her...and hope the system doesn't let him loose so easily this time....


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